Demystifying Uber’s Sign-on Guarantee

    Are you a new driver that’s just about starting out with Uber? There are some strategies you can explore to earn some extra cash.
    What is Uber’s Sign On Guarantee?
    During the infancy days of Uber, before ride sharing fully took off, Uber had sign on offers they used to bring drivers into the relatively unknown ridesharing territory. They offered bonuses of about a thousand US dollars to new drivers signing up with them. Fast forward to recent years, these sign on bonuses are reserved exclusively to areas like New York City or San Francisco, places where demand for the service is high. Apart from these high demand cities, Uber offers a totally different sign up bonus package for other parts of the country.

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Most Uber offices around the country have done away with the fixed sign up bonus and have replaced them with a very confusing sign on guarantee package. The question now is how does the sign on guarantee work? The Uber sign on guarantee is a system put in place whereby, a driver is offered a guarantee of a certain amount after he or she makes a particular number of trips. Where things get messy and confusing is when the earnings for the number of trips exceed the stipulated guarantee. When the earnings is more than the guarantee, the driver gets to collect just the earnings with no extra bonus. This brings the question, what then is the purpose of the sign on guarantee.

An example is this scenario; a driver is given a guarantee of $250 for 50 rides. This can play out in two ways. If after 50 trips, the driver earns more than the guarantee, lets say he earns $400, he is paid just his earnings. But, if after 50 trips the driver was only able to earn $200, he is paid $250. He gets $200 dollars as his earnings and $50 as the guarantee bonus. Check out this website on lyft free first ride.

The problem with the guarantee is that, they are usually low amounts that the drivers can easily out earn over the course of the specified number of trips. In other words, it takes a driver having terrible luck to get the sign on guarantee as on a good day, he can earn double the amount set as guarantee.


The Strategy


The best time anyone could have signed up with Uber would have been in 2012. Since we don’t have a time machine to throw us back 5 years, we can only make the best of what we have available now. With the trend of them reducing their incentives for new drivers, the longer you wait, the worse it tends to get. Here are some ways to optimize the current offerings Uber has for new drivers.

Use AReferralCode/LinkWhileSigningUp

Relying solely on the sign on guarantee might end up with you not getting anything extra, but signing up using a referral link or code will give you the chance of earning a referral bonus. Uber has different incentives for different areas, so check to confirm the referral bonus that is available in your locality. If you forgot to add a referral code while signing up, Uber gives you the grace of rectifying that within two weeks of your signing up. You can do this by going to the ‘Help’ menu of the Uber drivers’ app, go to Account-> Help-> Payments and Rewards-> Driver Referrals -> Report a missing driver referral. Also, you can send a mail to the support and report a missing driver referral. You can as well use the two methods to be double sure you’ll get a response.

Short Rides Are Your Best Friends

Go earn as much as possible on the sign on guarantee system, completing more of short rides is your best bet. If your specified guarantee is $500 after 50 trips, and you take on short rides that accumulate to say $250 after 50 trips, you get a guarantee bonus of $250. Compare this to taking on longer rides where you get to earn $450 after the 50 trips and earning just a measly $50

Executing this step is not as easy as said, but there are a few tricks you can employ to get it right. Firstly, try as much as possible to avoid wake up trips to airports. These are usually long distance trips where you earn more and reduce the chances of getting the guarantee.

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Focus More On The Evening Traffic

These are more often than not short trips made up of people moving from bars to bars in the neighborhood. This reduces the gas you use and the time between trips thereby completing the required number of trips faster and having a better chance of cashing out on the sign on guarantee.